Toolboxes S7
Toolboxes S7

The S7 toolbox is the perfect start for every professional. This toolbox featuring 6 drawers (4 shallow and 2 deep drawers) has a simple, yet very robust design. The drawers are 100% extractable and operated by ball bearing slides. The ABS-worktop ensures a solid and reliable work surface and the S7 also has a spray can holder. Our S7 toolbox has an electrostatic powder coating in RAL 9004 black and is compatible with our small and medium Sonic Foam System (SFS). 


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The ultimate storage solution on wheels


Sonic offers filled toolboxes for every level of expertise. We are dedicated to deliver the perfect balance between quality & price throughout the range.


  • Perfectly arranged for optimal efficiency 
  • Designed to improve usability
  • Solutions for every technical professional
  • The right balance between quality and price


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