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The Website and other expressions of Sonic Equipment B.V. have been constructed with great care. The Website is frequently expanded and/or adjusted. Sonic Equipment B.V. reserves the right to implement any modifications immediately and without any (prior) notification on the Website. Sonic Equipment B.V. does not accept any liability for information that has been posted on the Website without prior consultation with Sonic Equipment B.V.


Sonic Equipment B.V. does not accept any liability for damages arising from the use of the Website and the Information (or the impossibility to use it), including however not limited to damages caused by viruses, or inaccurate or incomplete (i) Information, (ii) information on or via a website referred to by the Website, or (iii) information from or via a website referring to another website. This limitation or exclusion of liability does not apply if damages result from reckless or intentional inadequacy on the part of Sonic Equipment B.V.


Unless stated otherwise, Sonic Equipment B.V. is the sole owner and holder of all intellectual property rights regarding the Website and the Information, including any copyrights. Sonic Equipment B.V. grants permission to access the Website and the Information and to make copies hereof for personal usage, including storage, printing, reproduction, and distribution of information, provided that the information is not modified and that reference to these Usage Conditions and the General Conditions are included in such copies. Any other usage of the Website and the Information, including the creation of links (hypertext links and deep links), is prohibited without the express written permission of Sonic Equipment B.V.


These General Conditions are available both in Dutch and English. In the event of any dispute regarding the content and scope of these General Conditions, only the Dutch text and the corresponding interpretation shall be binding in Dutch jurisdiction.

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