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Self-supporting system


Create the ultimate workflow anywhere

Sonic MSS+ enables you to create the ultimate workflow in every environment. The system is modular in construction with a variety of modules, elements and specifications. Due to the self-supporting system, MSS+ is compatible to every working area. Walls are no longer needed.


  • Compatible to every working area - walls no longer needed
  • Designed to endure long-term intensive use
  • All modules are made from a high quality 1.4mm steel construction
  • Easily adjustable in height
  • Available in RAL 7016 color
Self-supporting system







Superb load capacity and efficient layout

All MSS+ drawers guarantee a load capacity of 123 kg for low drawers and 230 kg for high drawers.


  • Maximized drawer storage capacity
  • Less strain on the drawer and module, resulting in an improved lifetime
  • Multiple drawer configurations available
  • 100% retractable drawers
  • Ergonomic handles for the perfect grip
  • High drawers are equipped with ventilation slots
  • Bottom drawers include integrated power bar with 2x USB and 4x 110V/230V (mobile cabinets excluded)





Maximum loading capacity


  • Highest quality heavy-duty slides available on the market, featuring 123kg or 230kg load capacity
  • Telescopic ball bearing system
  • Maximum reliability, precision and smooth conduction over the entire lifespan of the MSS+ module


* Mobile drawer cabinets are equipped with standard drawer slides with a carrying capacity of 40 kg or 80 kg per drawer.






Sonic Foam System
Sonic Foam System

Configure the layout of your MSS+ setup

Your MSS+ setup can be completed with Sonic’s Foam System (SFS), ensuring you will always have the right tools, in the right composition, efficiently arranged in the setup.


  • Customize drawer content with the unique Sonic Foam System
  • Efficient organization of complete tool sets
  • Two-tone foam color system for instant overview of missing tools
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • Tool specifications visible on the foam inlay




Drawer blocking system

Safety first

The mobile MSS+ modules are equipped with an integrated drawer blocking system. This system prevents opening multiple drawers at the same time, which averts a mobile cabinet from tipping over.


  • Prevents opening multiple drawers at the same time
  • Prevents tipping over
  • Closed drawers function as counterweight to stabilize entire cabinet
Drawer blocking system







Code locks
Code locks

Security made convenient

The MSS+ fix code lock is designed to provide convenient and safe security for personal storage. The code can be programmed freely and changed whenever required. Users are not required to use a key, mitigating security risks and preventing replacement cost of lost keys. To warrant security, the integrated scramble ensures automatic reset of the dials during opening and closing. In case a user forgets his personal code, the emergency key provides a rapid, on-site solution. This emergency key can be used to provide emergency access and to reset the code.


  • Code locks on every module to secure tools and other valuables
  • Freely programmable code, adjustable whenever needed




High quality powder coating

Stylish powder coating for protection

Great looks and durable protection. Sonic guarantees a consistent, premium quality finish through a combination of the best paint and a fully automated, electrostatic powder coating application.


  • Premium finish due to the use of high-quality materials
  • Electrostatic powder coating for a stylish look
  • Durable protection against scratches, wear and corrosion
Powder coating




MSS+ worktops


Strength and durability are key


  • Wide range of composite and stainless steel worktops
  • 2mm composite worktops
  • 20mm stainless steel worktops
  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to the most common fluids




Handles and end caps

Ergonomics and appearance

Through countless testing and redesign of 3D prints, we have developed the perfect handle for our Sonic MSS+ drawers. The ergonomic handles also feature a rubber end cap with Sonic's iconic S-logo.


  • High-quality handles for optimal ergonomics, based on extensive prototyping
  • Unique MSS+ handle, including caps with the iconic Sonic S-logo
  • The extra ridge under the handle provides a perfect grip
MSS+ handles and end caps




MSS+ power supply
Power supply

Always a power socket at hand

The integrated power bar provides power where and when you need it. This addition to the Sonic MSS+ modules enables you to efficiently use or charge devices.


  • Convenience in powering and charging tools
  • Included as standard in drawer cabinets and wall cabinets (mobile cabinets excluded)
  • Equipped with protective caps
  • Equipped with 2 USB ports and 4x 110V/230V




  • Latest LED lighting technology
  • Magnetic mountable under wall cabinet
  • Increase productivity with a perfectly lit work surface
  • Energy efficient and extremely long-lasting lighting
  • Maximum connection circuit of 4 LED lights on 1 transformer
MSS+ lighting

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