Toolboxes S7

MSS+: premium workplaces, ultimate workflow


MSS+ is our flagship when it comes to modular storage solutions. This high quality product line is designed for true professionals, who accept nothing less than the best. The system is modular in construction with a wide variety of modules, elements and premium features. The setup can be completed with our Sonic Foam System (SFS): the right tool, in the right composition, efficiently arranged in the MSS+ setup. In this way you can create the perfect workplace in every workshop that is intuitive, stylish and robust. Ultimate workflow and maximum job satisfaction guaranteed.

MSS: get organized, be efficient

Make sure to have a productive and flexible workplace with our Sonic Modular Storage Solution (MSS). This modular system is easy to assemble, build and expand. This means that the fully self-supporting MSS can be integrated into any workshop. On top of this, MSS can be fully combined with our Sonic Foam System (SFS) to maximize the productivity and efficiency of every professional.

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