A new era in modular storage solutions starts right here.

MSS+: Born of change

We promised ourselves to create the best modular storage solutions for professionals available on the market.

Storage solutions that create premium workplaces. And these workplaces in their turn lead to ultimate workflow.

Quality in = Quality out.

Starting point of our MSS+ journey is our believe that quality in = quality out. Put differently, professionals can deliver only the maximum productive output that their workplace allows them to.

A result we are proud of.

The concept, creation and realisation of MSS+ marks a new era in the Sonic tradition of pioneering modular storage solutions. MSS+ is designed for professionals, with reliability and durability in mind.

Details matter. All of them.

Our research and development experts teamed up with technical engineers and designers from the UK, to conduct an extensive study of various workplaces around the world. Having experienced so many differences and listened to various stories from professionals in technical services, we set the requirements for our new MSS+ product line; quality, style and efficiency in every single detail. 

For example, in the product design process we have prototyped several handles and end caps to ensure the perfect grip and design. 

Our production process. Premium as well.

The latest technology is used to manufacture with operational precision as never seen before. MSS+ only selects the best raw materials in combination with an extensive quality control program. Sonic strives with MSS+ towards premium products with the highest exceptional quality available on the market.
We use the latest machinery from Germany, Italy and Finland. Laser-cutters, punch presses, press brakes and CNC panel benders with fully automatic digital managed electro-static powder coating systems.

This is how Sonic can assure you consistent premium quality in every MSS+ module. 

High availability.

We deliver by offering a large stock, fast delivery service and with over 30.000 orders each year, Sonic Equipment is a reliable partner and ready for the future! 

Our 5000m2 warehouse , with over 500.000 products on stock and a dedicated logistic warehouse team ensure that your products will be delivered with the best personal care.

Modular approach, for ultimate workflow. Anywhere.

Standardization brings efficiency. But still every workplace is unique, with different dimensions and different purposes. With our modular approach we combine the best of both worlds.


MSS+ offers a solid range of modules in various sizes to compose a workplace tailored to your needs. The combinations are endless, enabling you to create your ultimate workflow. 

Audi Ramsperger Automobile

New construction Audi Ramsperger Automobile GmbH demands premium workplaces with ultimate workflow.

The unique MSS+ 3D configurator conveniently creates a premium tailor made workplace exactly to your needs.


Say hello to ultimate workflow.

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