650mm reel tall cabinet

Art. no. 5071801

Build your own

The MSS+ reel cabinets are the definition of ultimate workflow. These cabinets allow you to store your cable reels in an utmost efficient way and are resistant to any type of reels (electric, fluids, air, etc.)

Product features

  • ​3 integral hose rollers
  • Removable dip tray
  • 3 configurable reel positions
  • Ideally suited to fluid (oils/water/etc.)
  • Adjustable feet
  • High quality durable powder coating finish
  •  Standard color RAL 7016
  • Heavy duty 1.4mm steel construction
  • 10 year warranty
Build your own


  • Hard-wearing composite worktop 2mm
  • Stainless steel worktop 20mm
  • Full range of colors upon request, longer lead time and additional fees could apply


Reels not included, upon request

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