Power bar

Art. no. 5999302

Build your own

The Sonic power bar is designed to give you power everywhere you need it. This feature provides a convenient means to power your tools and charge any device with ease and efficiency.

Technical information

  • Durable abs and aluminium housing
  • 4 grounded outlets
  • 2 USB outlets
  • Lighted reset/off switch
  • 5 meter cord
  • Ergonomically designed, profiled body - robust and easy to grip
  • Rugged anodised aluminium extrusion - lightweight and strong
  • Pa6 nylon moulded outlets and endcaps - protects and insulates power supply
  • High grade polychloroprene / neoprene rubber cable (oil, chemical and ozone resistant)
  • Color RAL 7016
Build your own

Product features

  • The MSS+ high performance power bars features a tough, anodized aluminium extrusion ensuring strength and durability.

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